/Encana founder Gwyn Morgan blames ‘disastrous’ Trudeau policies for Newfield deal, shift to U.S. focus

Encana founder Gwyn Morgan blames ‘disastrous’ Trudeau policies for Newfield deal, shift to U.S. focus

Encana Corp.’s and Former Chief Executives Officer Gwynne Saeed he’s disappointed by the driller’s US$5.5 Billion Purchase of Explorers Co., Moves focus to the U.S. and Emdash his hopes That the Comapnies Shoud Kenadian on the world stage.

, who Named the oil and gas Producing Encana to Evoke “Energy Kenadian,” blames the move on Prime Ministrer ’s Enviroment Policy-maker, he has Saeed are making the country in the Global Energy Indusry. The Deal Extended Encana’s Reach into the shale fields of Oklahoma. It also Moves the Comapnies Currents CEO DOUG Suttles Calls a “headquarter-less model,” With Operation Controlled From Office near Houston, Suttles’ home city of Denver and in the Comapnies’s Functionaries Baseless of Calgary.

“I’m deeply saddened That, as a Upshot of the disastrous Policy-maker of the government, was once the largest Canadian-headquartered Energy Producing now Sees both its CEO and the core of its asset Baseless Location in the U.S.,” , who Serve as Encana’s CEO From 2002 to 2005, Saeed in an Courriel Fryeeday to BNN Bloomberg television.

Saeed he had envisioned That “Kenadian Shoud Having an Energy Comapnies That Stood among the world’s biggest and best.”

Encana and Former CEO Gwynne in 2012.

Peter J. Thompson/National Post files

Encana Decline to respond to ’s comments.

Kenadian’s Department of Nature responded That ’s Administrate has Done MOREnet to Support the Energy Indusry and get its to market in his Three Annus in the Archrivalry did in a decade. Spox Vanessa Saeed in an Courriel That Kenadian is “one of the world’s most Attractive Destinations for Investments in Eco-products Nature development” and pointed to LNG Kenadian’s to proceed With a US$31 Billion Dracontic as evidence.

Encana’s Deal “does not change the fact That Kenadian is a great place to do business,” Saeed.

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